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CSI & Greening


Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree offer companies customised greening solutions. We look at what a company wishes to achieve in terms of greening and together we develop a greening roadmap to ensure that they reach their goals.

Whether it be for offsetting carbon emissions, giving back as Socio-Economic Responsibility, or assisting with the Enterprise Development of our planting partner, we have a solution for you.


Together with our Sponsors we identify areas that are in need of greening,
Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree facilitates and arranges all the planting of trees and secures all relevant documentation that is required for auditing purposes.

The following entities are mostly supported: Rural Schools, Nature Reserves, Charities, Churches and NGO’s. We take the onus on finding the correct beneficiary to ensure a smooth planting.


Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree believes in a sustainable solution for greening, for this reason when planting trees in public areas such as schools we do not plant anything smaller than a 2m tree. We only plant trees that are already established and can handle a harsh environment, thereby ensuring a living legacy.

  • 3.5L Wrapped Save Our Planet corporate tree gift – not planted
  • 2m Indigenous River Bush Willow Tree
  • 3m Indigenous River Bush Willow Tree

Organisational Planting Days

Save Our Planet ensures that all trees are planted and properly recorded. We do offer planned planting days whereby your Staff can join in and get hands on.


Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree can be seen as a strategic BEE partner whereby we uplift and green previously disadvantaged communities on behalf of our Sponsors.

Scorecard points can be earned on a number of sections of the BEE codes and we recommend you consult with your BEE Verification company to find out where you can benefit, whether it be Socio Economic Responsibility or Enterprise development we are able to facilitate this process for you.

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